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2600MHz 4G LTE 70dB Cell Phone Signal Booster Wireless Cellular Mobile Repeater Amplifier Antennas Kit

Phonetone booster provides a rapid and perfect solution to solve and optimize the weak signal of houses, offices, hotels, elevators, parking lots and other small weak signal area. Welcome you all to order.
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Frequency range: (LTE Band 7)
Uplink: 2500--2570MHz; Downlink: 2620--2690MHz
Max Gain: 70dB
Automatic Gain Control: ≧20dB
Automatic Shut Down: When self–oscillation happen or attenuation value reaches 20dB, power supply is shut down.
LED  Indicator
1.Continuous GREEN @normal;Twinkly GREEN @input signals may be not enough.
2.Continuous YELLOW @ stronger input signals, AGC is working;Twinkly YELLOW@ self–oscillation happen, AGC is working, the attenuation value is more than 12dB.
3.Continuous RED@ power supply is shut down.
I/O Port: SMA-Female
Impedance: 50ohm
Operating Temperature: -25ºC~+55ºC
Power supply: Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz,output DC 5V



1)Wide Input Voltage:
Input DC Voltage Range 5-15V
2)  Self-oscillation Elimination:
The system detects self-oscillation, first reduces the link gain, then detects the loop, and finds that the self- oscillation is eliminated, the system returns to normal working state, otherwise, the power is turned off to prevent interference signal.
3)  Inactivity Mode:
When no user calls, the device works in standby mode, the uplink power amplifier is switched off, and the static power is decreased by 30%, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
4) AGC (Automatic Gain Control):
When the downlink output signal is too strong or self-oscillated, the uplink and downlink can automatically reduce the gain and reduce the interference signal.
5) Automatic Power Shut-down:
When the self-oscillation happens, and the link attenuation value reaches 20dB, the MCU sends out the instruction and shut-down the PA.
6) ALC(Automatic Level Control):
Automatically adjust the output gain down to optimal figure while the output gain is above the optimal figure by the ALC circuit, this can greatly optimize the calling quality, data transfer quality, avoid the signal self- oscillation, and also very much reduce the interference to the cell tower, even if your house is very close from the cell tower, you don't need to worry about the interference and the trouble caused.

Package Including
1.1*70dB 2600MHz Signal booster
2.1*3dBi Indoor Angle antenna
3.1*6dBi Outdoor Omni directional antenna with 50ft coaxial cable
4.1*Power adapter
5.1*English user manual


1. 30 Days Customer Satisfaction
2. Three Months Free Replacement
3. 3 Years Manufacture Warranty

ATTENTION: Please make sure your cell phone can receive at least 2 bar signal.

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